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Heart-centred therapy grounded in cutting edge science. Treatment for the integration of
Mind, Brain and Body

Private In-Person Psychotherapy Services in Clifton, Bristol 



Maria Brooks
Integrative Therapist
Psychological Trauma & Eating Disorder Specialist 

Welcome to my practice. I’m Maria, a registered and accredited counsellor and psychotherapist based in Clifton, Bristol. With years of experience behind me, I have worked with many clients to support them in the areas of their lives that have felt difficult. My training has given me the knowledge, empathy and skills to specialise in a range of areas including trauma, addictioneating disorders and the conditions that tend to surface alongside these. 


Clients typically come to therapy to explore the areas of their lives that feel out of control or stuck. The majority of us want to enjoy life, to feel good about our relationships, to find fulfilling work. But instead, we find ourselves in a never ending cycle of stress, upheaval, and crisis. Those feelings of anxiety and overwhelm have often been there for so long it just feels normal, particularly for survivors of trauma. Working with the impact of traumatic experiences and chronic life stress with a trusted and experienced mental health professional can be life changing.

My approach is rooted in research. The evidence-based models I use are trauma-informed, meaning the work we embark on together would not traumatise you further. As well as ‘talking therapy’ and 'somatic (body) work'  I am also trained to practice eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy to treat a range of psychological issues including complex trauma and attachment issues. EMDR is a safe and particularly effective way of working through the layers of adverse life experiences to change self-defeating patterns and ease distress. If you’d like to read about my approach in detail, head to this section of the site.


Create a space in your life for you


Psychotherapy enables you to:

  • Become aware of habitual patterns of thinking and acting which can result in unsatisfying relationships.

  • Bring clarity and understanding to your history and the impact this has had, and may still be having on you.   As awareness grows you can get to know yourself in a deeper way.

  • Become acquainted with all parts of yourself, including emotions some of which may seem messy and unclear.  When feelings are disowned and pushed away they can still have an effect.  By recognising and integrating disowned parts of the self into conscious awareness you can develop an easier more connected relationship with yourself.


Therapy is a collaborative relationship aimed at helping you understand how you exist in your world.  This awareness can help in bringing about change.

Allowing and accepting feelings can be transformative – it is the process of acceptance and letting go which brings about growth and change.


Therapy offers greater self awareness, self expression, self acceptance and an enhanced relational life so that you may meet the ups and downs of life in a more resourced fulfilling way that supports well-being.

What to expect


The first step would be to contact me to arrange an initial consultation; this exploratory session usually takes about an hour. I will be evaluating if my therapeutic approach is a good fit to your current needs and you will be able to decide if you feel comfortable talking to me. If we decide to work together and go ahead with a course of therapy, we would agree how many times a week and at what times it would be convenient for you to attend. I would explain my terms to you and answer any questions you may have. Subsequent to the initial consultation your therapy sessions will be for 50mins at the same time each week. At the processing stage EMDR therapy can require 75min sessions. My practice is conveniently located in Clifton Park, Bristol and ‘pay and display parking is close by. 

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